The solutions we provide to our clients are designed

in such a way that the clients are almost self-sufficient in operating them and depend very less on us. The cordial relationship we maintain with our clients is a testimony to our hard work and ethics. We have provided our clients with a variety of software solution services which also include our own products.

Digital Services

We design for you the ideal and stellar webpage to augment your business

Business Solutions

Do not change your requirements based on availability we tailor what you desire in the way u desire

IOT Services

why worry about complications when you have even home and office automation on your fingertips

IOT Services


  • Easily Monitor & Control All connected Appliances such as Lighting, Fans, Kitchen Appliances, Computers & More through your smartphone
  • Set Climate Moods & Control your Centralised AC individually or as a Group
  • Garage Door Automation with Timer
  • Rolling Curtain Automation with Timer
  • Mood Setting, Ambient Lighting for both indoors & outdoor seating with music sync


  • High Resolution Camera surveillance up to 4k recording with remote access & Baby Monitoring
  • High Quality Audio/Video Ringer with Remote access
  • Smart Door Locking system with keyless entry and remote access
  • Encrypted biometric access systems with access cards, fingerprint scanner, facial recognition & pin
  • Attendance System with Biometric Scanner with special features like Visa Expiry, Passport Expiry, Leave Counter

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